meet the owner


Emily Renze graduated from the Design Institute of San Diego in 2006. With 14 years in the industry, Emily has worked in every aspect of design- from architecture to design-build to interior design. With her knowledge and creativity, she is able to handle a variety of projects and produce something unique that her clients love every time. 





We are the experts in our field. Because of our experience and training, we know what tile and stone is most resilient, which fabrics are most luxurious, and how to design a room that is functional, yet beautiful. We are trained to remember all of the important details that can be forgotten. You’re not just hiring us so your home will “look good.” You are also hiring us so that it will last. 

You are hiring us for our opinion. We will let you know if the 80’s-themed art work that you love so much doesn’t jive with the mid-century furniture you are choosing. Not only will we share our thoughts so that you are prepared to make the best design decision, we are also transparent regarding our rates and  product costs.

We source only from vendors we trust to provide excellent products, and great service. When it comes to final interior touches, you can be at ease knowing that you are purchasing something that will last  (when taken care of properly, of course). From flooring to furniture to tile and stone, we work with our reliable and trustworthy vendors to make sure you are beyond pleased with your home.